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Where is Anne Frank

Where is Anne Frank

Folman, Ari

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It's the middle of the night at the Anne Frank House, and a thunderbolt has just struck and shattered the glass case in which Anne's diary is displayed. Magically, Anne's imaginary friend, Kitty, comes to life. At first Kitty doesn't know that 75 years have passed, and she has no clue as to why Anne is not in the house or what has become of the other inhabitants of the Secret Annex. When Kitty learns that Anne and her sister Margot have died in the war, she decides to run away and follow the path of the sisters all the way to where they met their fatal end. Kitty, who soon realizes that she cannot exist without Anne, steals the diary and starts her journey. Kitty recounts the story of Anne's life, family, and diary from her own perspective. In the present day Kitty's adventures bring her in contact with the refugee crisis in Europe, from which she discovers the true meaning of Anne Frank's legacy.

Publication Date 2023-10-05 00:00:00 +0100

Type: Paperback

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