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At Bookbag we're always keen to share books we love. 

Our subscription Bookbox champions writers from across the globe, so expect perspectives outside of the established canon. Choose fiction, poetry, or from non-fiction Bookboxes - a range of writing a little more rooted in the real.

How it Works

Choose which Bookbox theme is the most you. Subscriptions are available as 3, 6, or 12 month. If it's for a gift let us know the date you want it to begin and any message. The first Bookbox will include a hand-written card explaining how the subscription works, and your message. If you're choosing a subscription for a child, let us know their age and what kind of reader they are. 

As well as your curated book, your Bookbag subscription will also include some extras from time to time.

The Small Print

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Bespoke Bundles

We believe in the power of books to positively change lives. Helping people to find the books they love is what Bookbag is all about.

Whether for a lifelong lover of books, someone who is rediscovering - or discovering - reading, a reluctant reader, or a student off to uni who needs loading up with conversation starters - we've got you.

For a school or an organisation? We can curate books for you too.

Get in touch with us via the contact form with some details about the recipient’s tastes and interests, or book a time to come into Bookbag for a chat and we'll go from there.

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