We’re always keen to share our favourite books, so we thought why not get on board the subscription service train. We’ve got options for every reader, from our favourite fiction to the most exciting poetry, the best young adult books on offer, and a selection of non-fiction topics for those who like their books a little more rooted in the real. Bookbag is all about championing the voices from authors from across the globe, so you can expect exciting perspectives from authors outside of the established canon. 

How Bookbox Works

Choose which Bookbox themes is the most you. Bookbox subscriptions are available as 3, 6, or 12 month packages, which you’ll pay for up front and won’t be charged again (unless you buy another subscription of course!).

The Small Print

  • Your Bookbox will be dispatched in the first week of each calendar month.
  • If you’re a new subscriber and you sign up before the 20th of the month, we’ll send your first Bookbox out right away so you don’t miss out.
  • Bookpost will be sent via Royal Mail, and is only available in the UK. Postage is part of your subscription so there isn’t an additional shipping charge. 
  • While we can’t account for every letterbox size, we’ll always try and keep the Bookbox selection letterbox friendly - there won’t be any posties trying to force War and Peace through your door.
  • If you have already got the book on your shelf just get in touch with us - or pop into the shop with it -  and we’ll arrange a swap for you. 
  • If you’re buying a Bookbag Bookbox as a gift for someone else, just select the Giftpost option. 


As well as your carefully curated book, your Bookbag Bookpost will also include some extras.


Choose a Bookbox

Also… Bespoke Bookbox Service

In the past we’ve put together bundles of books for bespoke presents - such as 18 Books for an 18th Birthday! - and we are always happy to put together a personalised stack for you to give as a gift.

Whether it’s the choicest titles for a music lover, inspiration for a budding artist or writer, a young reader with a voracious appetite for books, or a student heading to university who needs loading up with conversation starters, we’re here for you! Get in touch with us via the contact form with the title Bespoke Bookbox with some details about the recipient’s tastes and interests, and we’ll work with you to create a personalised gift bundle. 

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