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There Are Rivers In The Sky - PRE-ORDER

There Are Rivers In The Sky - PRE-ORDER

Elif Shafak

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This is the story of one lost poem, two great rivers, and three remarkable lives – all connected by a single drop of water. In the ruins of Nineveh, that ancient city of Mesopotamia, there lies hidden in the sand fragments of a long-forgotten poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh. In Victorian London, an extraordinary child is born at the edge of the dirt-black Thames.

Arthur’s only chance of escaping poverty is his brilliant memory. When his gift earns him a spot as an apprentice at a printing press, Arthur’s world opens up far beyond the slums, with one book soon sending him across the seas: Nineveh and Its Remains. In 2014 Turkey, Narin, a ten-year-old Yazidi girl, waits to be baptised in the waters of the River Tigris.

The ceremony is cruelly interrupted, and soon Narin and her grandmother must journey across war-torn lands in the hope of finding the sacred valley of their people. In 2018 London, broken-hearted Zaleekhah, a hydrologist, moves to a houseboat on the Thames to escape the wreckage of her marriage. Zaleekhah foresees a life drained of all love and meaning – until an unexpected connection to her homeland changes everything.

Publication Date 2024-08-08

Type: Hardback

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