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The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Liu Xinwu

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In this sprawling, award-winning novel, celebrated Chinese writer Liu Xinwu cordially invites you to an epic, riotous, and moving neighborhood feast. On a December morning in 1982, the courtyard of a Beijing siheyuan-a lively quadrangle of homes-begins to stir. Auntie Xue's son Jiyue is getting married today, and she is determined to make the day a triumph.

Despite Jiyue's woeful ignorance in matters of the heart-and the body. Despite a chef in training tasked with the onerous responsibility of preparing the banquet. With a cross-generational multitude of guests, from anxious family members to a fretful bridal party-not to mention exasperating friends, interfering neighbors, and wedding crashers-what will the day ahead bring?Set at a pivotal point after the turmoil of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Liu Xinwu's tale weaves together a rich tapestry of characters, intertwined lives, and stories within stories.

The Wedding Party is a touching, hilarious portrait of life in this singular city, all packed into a Beijing courtyard on a single day that manages to be both perfectly normal and utterly extraordinary at the same time.

Publication Date 2 Dec 2021

Type: Hardback

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