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Pushkin Vertigo

The Meiji Guillotine Murders

The Meiji Guillotine Murders

Yamada, Futaro

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A classic Japanese mystery ?a pair of sleuths investigate a series of bloody murders in 19th century TokyoA captivating locked room murder mystery perfect for fans of Stuart Turton and Janice HallettJapan, 1869. A time of reform and rebellion.Detectives Kazuki and Kawaji are assigned to investigate a series of seemingly impossible murders. Together with the help of a mysterious shrine maiden, can they solve each gruesome death and piece together the dark connection between them?Taking us deep into the heart of 19th century Tokyo, The Meiji Guillotine Murders is a fiendish murder mystery from one of Japan's greatest crime writers.

Publication Date 2023-12-07 00:00:00 +0000

Type: Paperback

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