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So You Think You Know About Stegosaurus? [SIGNED]

Professor Ben Garrod

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Biologist and TV scientist Professor Ben Garrod's fun, funny, informative and collectable series of books about dinosaurs is the most up-to-date on the market.

This pocket-size series launches with Tyrannosaurus rex , Triceratops and Diplodocus , introduced by Steve Backshall. The series continues with Velociraptor , Stegosaurus and Spinosaurus , introduced by Dr Jane Goodall . These are the most up-to-date dino books in 66 million years!

Did you know that not all dinosaurs were green and scaly , some were ginger and feathered, or that they didn't all roar , they cooed like pigeons, or that the ultimate prehistoric predator was actually not a dinosaur?

TV scientist, Ben Garrod, is proud to be a geek as he mixes hard science and humour to prove that science is for everyone . Looking at the evolutionary arms race, prey, predators, place, time, groups and species, Ben reveals new-look dinosaurs . Additional sections include: Ask an Expert, New Science and Fossil Finder as well as quizzes to test your dinosaur knowledge.

Praise for :

'A celebration of everything that science is really about' NatSCA.

'A perfect primer for kids to learn more about the amazing "terrible lizards"' BBC Wildlife Magazine .

Product Details 

Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication date: 6th September 2018