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Nice Racism

Nice Racism

Robin DiAngelo

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Racism will not be interrupted by a hug or a smile. Dismantling white supremacy requires white people to commit to a lifetime of education and accountability. Continuing the work she began in 'White Fragility', Robin DiAngelo challenges white readers to rethink their ideas about racism and to confront their role in maintaining it. The common moves white progressives make to telegraph their niceness are: avoiding social discomfort, focusing on connections and commonalities, privileging concern for the feelings of perpetrators of racism over the victims, elevating intentions over impact, and credentialing. Writing candidly about her own missteps and struggles, and drawing on over 20 years working as an anti-racist educator, 'Nice Racists' models a path forward, helping white readers to face their complicity and embrace humility.

Publication Date 2022-10-06 00:00:00 +0100

Type: Paperback

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