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Naomie Mensa vs the future

Naomie Mensa vs the future

Mante, Priscilla

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High achieving Naomie 'Mensa' Osei has always been the smart one in Bramrock Stars F.C. She loves all things Maths and Science, and dreams of being an astrophysicist when she's older. With her track record of excellence and hard work, everyone believes Naomie can do it all. But with a string of challenges in Year 6, including an entrance exam, a concert performance, and a fight to keep the local library open, she's juggling more than ever. Naomie doesn't want to let anyone down but her cool exterior is beginning to unravel, and it seems that the harder she tries, the more the pressure is getting to her. It's all making her very worried about the future - what's next for her - and the Dream Team? Can she really achieve all her goals before Leavers Day?

Publication Date 2023-09-07 00:00:00 +0100

Type: Paperback

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