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Namaste Is a Greeting

Namaste Is a Greeting

Suma Subramaniam

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Namaste is a greeting. A smile. A friendship. A celebration. Namaste is 'I bow to you'. Namaste can be many things. It's hello!, a moment of silence or of comfort, something to say when you're happy or when you're feeling low. For this little girl, namaste is all around her as she navigates her way with Mum through a bustling city and busy marketplace. Returning home with a small houseplant, she chooses to gift this to an elderly neighbour. A simple gesture of kindness resonates to show the power of community and its caring bonds through sad or trying times. 'Namaste Is a Greeting' is an exploration of namaste through everyday observation and simple actions to honour the divine within all people.

Publication Date 2022-12-01 00:00:00 +0000

Type: Hardback

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