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Minty Alley

Minty Alley

James, C. L. R.

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It is the 1920s in the Trinidadian capital, and Haynes' world has been upended. His mother has passed away, and his carefully mapped-out future of gleaming opportunity has disappeared with her. Unable to afford his former life, he finds himself moving into Minty Alley - a bustling Barracks Yard teeming with life and a spectacular cast of characters. In this sliver of West Indian working-class society, outrageous love affairs and passionate arguments are a daily fixture, and Haynes begins to slip from curious observer to the heart of the action. 'Minty Alley' is a gloriously observed portrayal of class, community and the ways in which we are all inherently connected.

Publication Date 2021-02-04

Type: Paperback

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