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Jamaica Kincaid

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A classic coming-of-age story from Jamaica Kincaid, following a young woman as she enters adulthood against the backdrop of a strange and unfamiliar country.

Lucy, a teenage girl from the West Indies, comes to North America to work as an au pair for Lewis and Mariah and their four children. Lewis and Mariah are a thrice-blessed couple--handsome, rich, and seemingly happy. Yet, alomst at once, Lucy begins to notice cracks in their beautiful facade. With mingled anger and compassion, Lucy scrutinizes the assumptions and verities of her employers' world and compares them with the vivid realities of her native place. Lucy has no illusions about her own past, but neither is she prepared to be deceived about where she presently is.

'I’ve read everything by Jamaica Kincaid, and I’ve still never read anyone like her. If you are new to Kincaid, I envy you. For she is a writer you don’t just read; she is a writer that takes you back to yourself. She’s candid, clear, clarifying – and her books talk to each other as if they are in conversation across time. I would sit down if I were you and read everything she has ever written.'


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Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 7th July 2022

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