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Life skills for a broken world

Life skills for a broken world

Guha, Ahona

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A revolutionary framework for living well in a broken world, from acclaimed author and psychologist. How can I manage heartbreak? How do I cope with death? How can I learn to tolerate anxiety and hold hope? In this helpful, practical guide to good psychological health, Dr Ahona Guha shows us how to cope, thrive, and still feel hopeful for the future. Combining techniques from a range of therapeutic modalities, she demonstrates how we can build a range of essential psychological skills, and apply them to live a more tranquil, joyful, and connected life. 'Life Skills for a Broken World' is a breath of fresh air, cutting through the confusion to provide solid, practical, and evidence-based answers to existential questions, big and small.

Publication Date 2023-12-28 00:00:00 +0000

Type: Hardback

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