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Ingrid Pollard: Carbon Slowly Turning

Ingrid Pollard: Carbon Slowly Turning

Fay Blanchard, Anthony Spira

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Published to accompany an exhibition at MK Gallery, this is the first major survey of the work of contemporary British artist and photographer Ingrid Pollard, nominated for the Turner Prize 2022.

This publication provides the first overview of works by British artist and photographer Ingrid Pollard . Pollard is renowned for using portrait and landscape photography to question our relationship with the natural world and to interrogate social constructs such as Britishness, race, sexuality and identity. Working across a variety of techniques from photography, printmaking, drawing and installation to artists' books, video and audio, Pollard combines meticulous research and experimental processes to make art that is at once deeply personal and socially resonant.

'Ingrid Pollard's practice has long been focused on the human body, astro-physics and geology, and in particular geology in the formation of the stars and planets. The title of this publication - Carbon Slowly Turning - invites us to reflect on geological time in relation to human time. On the one hand, the millennia in which carbon, rock and other natural materials are made, and on the other, the brevity of human existence by comparison and the affecting nature of geology on the human form. A number of Pollard's works reflect on the cyclical nature of history and human experience, where everything is subject to change, sometimes over hundreds or thousands of years, at other times in the blink of an eye.' - Gilane Tawadros, Curator, writer and CEO, DACS

'Ingrid Pollard's work slows down our looking to create space to consider alternative formations of history and landscape. Across four decades she has re-scripted Britishness, looking back in order that we might move forward differently. This is a profound and timely exploration of this vital British artist.' - Maria Balshaw, Director, Tate

This book accompanies an exhibition at MK Gallery and Turner Contemporary , curated by Gilane Tawadros , with the artist, and supported by the Freelands Award 2020. Edited by Fay Blanchard and Anthony Spira . Essays by Anna Arabindan-Kesson , Cheryl Finley , Paul Gilroy , Mason Leaver-Yap and Gilane Tawadros .

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Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 17 March 2022

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