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Giving back

Giving back

A., Bardowell, Dere

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Do you wish you could do more to change the world but don't know how? Do you ever look around at the many charities asking for donations and feel overwhelmed? This inspiring and uplifting book explores the effectiveness of charity and calls for more radical giving if we want to contribute to a better world. During a period when British society seems more divided than ever, and our decision-makers feel even more disconnected from the very issues that keep us awake at night, 'Giving Back' highlights those people and movements taking on some of the most challenging social issues of our time. A respected figure in philanthropy and the charity sector, Derek A. Bardowell presents a unique insight into what's going on inside the world of giving and where best we can make a difference.

Publication Date 2023-09-07 00:00:00 +0100

Type: Paperback

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