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Allen Lane

Four ways of thinking

Four ways of thinking

Sumpter, David

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Beyond all the facts and figures, there is just one question at the heart of science: what is the best way to think about the world? Yet in our everyday lives, this is something we rarely consider. How often do we wonder about our own thinking and how it might impact the way we approach our daily decisions? How it might help or hinder our relationships, our careers, or even our health? Acclaimed mathematician David Sumpter has spent decades pondering what we could all learn from the attitudes and mindsets of scientists. 'Four Ways of Thinking' is the result. Combining engaging personal experience with insightful analyses of everyday conundrums and life choices - from how to bicker less with our partners to the best way to pitch to an unreceptive audience - Sumpter shows there are four easily applied approaches to our problems: statistical, interactive, chaotic, and complex.

Publication Date 2023-08-31 00:00:00 +0100

Type: Paperback

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