Wednesday 7 Dec/ Book Signing and Conversation on Nature with Sophie Pavelle and Derek Gow

Wednesday 7 Dec/ Book Signing and Conversation on Nature with Sophie Pavelle and Derek Gow

Sophie Pavelle is a writer and science communicator. Her debut book, Forget Me Not, documents her low-carbon journey around Britain in search of ten animals and habitats threatened by climate change in the 21st century, putting a contemporary twist on the natural history genre. Travelling from Bodmin to the Orkney Isles by boat, bike, kayak, cargo ferry and a lot of trains, Sophie shares facts and anecdotes while posing some serious questions - which species are going to be seriously affected by climate change, why,and which will bounce back?

From the harbour porpoise, the grey long-eared bat, to the Atlantic salmon and mountain hare, she talks to experts about the problems they face and what can be done for the future.

Forget Me Not was a Guardian Book of the Day and has been nominated for a People's Book Award.  Full of facts and anecdotes, By day Sophie works for Beaver Trust, is an Ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts and sits on the RSPB England Advisory Commitee. 

Tearing down fences literally and metaphorically, Birds, Beasts and Bedlam recounts the adventures of Britain’s most colourful rewilder, Derek Gow. How he raised a sofa-loving wild boar piglet, transported a raging bison bull across the UK, got bitten by a Scottish wildcat and restored the ancient white stork to the Knepp Estate with Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree. After a Shetland ewe captured a young Derek’s heart, he grew up to become a farmer with a passion for ancient breeds. But when he realised how many of our species were close to extinction, even on his own land, he tore up his traditional Devon farm and transformed it into a rewilding haven for beavers, water voles, lynx, wildcats, harvest mice and more.

The talk will be chaired by Asha of Bookbag, and after the talk, Sophie and Derek will sign and dedicate copies of their books.

The event will be held in the arcade space outside Bookbag, at Sacred Grounds Cafe. The much loved vegan café will be open serving drinks, and Bookbag will be open for book browsing and Christmas shopping.

We’re expecting a memorable and enjoyable evening!

Book a space here via Eventbrite.

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