Thurs 13th October / Teater Dictat Culture Salon

Thurs 13th October / Teater Dictat Culture Salon

Teater Dictat is a queer theatre company from Sweden who are coming to Devon as part of a Devon/Halland Exchange (two south-westerly regions that share similar fates in their respective nations). Join Johan Svensson, artistic director, Magdi Saleh, actor, and Matthew Short, dramaturg, in an open-forum discussion about queer art, theatre making on the fringe, and what it means to perform as a queer body in contemporary political climates at home and abroad. This is a casual event with discussions, a few readings, and plenty of opportunities for open Q&As where our audience are welcome to participate in conversation as much as they would like!
What is a culture salon?

A culture salon is a casual event with the aim to promote artistic discussions and interesting meetings. With a long European history, salons were an opportunity to entertain and educate friends and colleagues with a particular focus on art and culture. Today, Teater Dictat looks to engage with its audience in this relaxed manner and present sketches of our work whilst also learning from our local community. We seek to create an informal and collaborative atmosphere where everyone is welcome and safe to speak on their experiences. Come with an open mind and leave with some new inspiration!

6pm / Thursday 13th October 

Email to grab a spot or who can answer questions about the event.




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