Sounds of Catalan

Sounds of Catalan

Punk rock poetry from Catalan, set to live electronic music and sound-scaping.

Si una tarda un surt de cansat de fer feina i plou* is a sound poetry show created by Maria Sevilla, one of the most promising voices of Catalan poetry.

Inspired by Mark Fisher and Remedios Zafra, Sevilla uses verse to explore society's relentless focus on work and productivity. Like Catalan poets before her, Sevilla mixes her poetry with electronic music performed live by Joan Martínez.

Along with Sevilla and Martínez's performance, Bookbag will be open late for browsing & buying.

*The translation of this wonderful phrase is, "If one afternoon someone is leaving work tired, and it rains," a feeling we are very familiar with here in England.

This event is part of Spotlight on Catalan Culture in the UK, an arts and culture festival taking place from March to June 2022.

Friday April 2nd
Doors: 5:30 pm
Event: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
The event is FREE - tickets are here


An in-bookshop event, so places are limited. 


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