Thurs 10 Nov / Book & Film Group: To Sir With Love

Thurs 10 Nov / Book & Film Group: To Sir With Love

Our next book group combines reading with film, and is a collaboration with our neighbouring indie cinema, Exeter Picturehouse.


Buy the book (hopefully from Bookbag, but we won't check) and start reading. 

Watch the film screening on Thursday 10th November at 6.30pm - tickets available here for a special price of £8.

Aftewards, join lecturer-in-film and local author Davina Quinlivan upstairs in the cafe at Exeter Picturehouse for drinks and discussion.

To Sir With Love

E.R. Braithwaite’s autobiographical novel is a moving insight into the politics of race and class in postwar London. 

Ricky Braithwaite is an engineer from British Guyana. Migrating to Britain after serving in the RAF during the Second World War, he is unable to find work after until he applies for a teaching position in London's East End.

James Clavell's film features the legendary Sidney Poitier. Initially confronted by hostility from his class of ill-disciplined final-year students, he slowly wins their trust by treating them with candour and respect.

A huge hit at the time, and one of Poitier's most memorable performances, the film depicts the physical environment and social confrontation Braithwaite faced, allowing the intersecting contours of class, race, and gender difference, and the link between self-realisation and social cohesion, to be subtly but forcefully illuminated.

The strong cast features emerging talents like Judy Geeson, Suzy Kendall and Lulu, whose single of the theme song topped the American Billboard chart.

There's lots to talk about - join us!

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